In a recent interview with Tatyana Peter, an haute couture designer known from our “Style” heading, she shared about her work and contribution for the Homeless Veterans benefit show that will occur in Las Vegas early September. As she shared her ideas, she expanded her comments to introducing her musical producer, Cadaffy Jones, whom Tatyana called a rising star. Tatyana states, “His music is some kind of magic effect, which brings you from reality into a different world; the world of art. You listen to Cadaffy and it seems that the song is about you. That is the way that his songs touch your deepest feelings. Cadaffy is a true master, a virtuous musician, an outstanding singer, and a phenomenal performer”.

When I heard Cadaffy’s singing, I realized that any objection would be irrelevant . The soft, charming singing is not counted on a certain generation, and the effect did its job on me. I contacted Cadaffy and asked him to give an interview for the Russian press. I believe that readers will be curious to know about a new talent, who will capture many hearts of music lovers.

 - Cadaffy, did you think of any other career as a boy? Where were you born?

- Lisbon is a very beautiful city, and I was lucky to be born and live there. I was quite a musical child, but my father, who was a military pilot, wanted me to follow in his footsteps. As a boy, I was curious about planes and aviation, however it did not become my destiny. Music was my passion and I was filled with it; music became my essence.

- When did you feel this inner truth?

- It didn’t happen in one day. My Mom was a musician, so music was always present in our home, and it was not only at home. I was sent to a School of Arts to take piano classes when I was 6 years old. It was a high level of training, but still, I think that it was my Mom who taught me to feel music. She was the one who helped me make a life choice in favor of music.

Cadaffy with parents in his early childhood

- You live in Portugal, but you work in Hollywood. How did you become acquainted with Americans and the US?

- I first came to the United States when I was still a teenager. I always wanted to visit this country and you can imagine what it meant to me to see America with my own eyes. It was something absolutely unforgetable, even though I came here alone and my English was so bad. There was no one around to talk to in my native Portuguese. In a couple of months, my English improved and I was able to communicate with local people. During this experience, I gained an opinion about Americans. I concluded that they are mostly open people with high morals and willingness to help.

- How do you write your songs?

- It is difficult to explain. I plan neither the texts nor music. I simply feel that something is going to appear now, and I begin to write. I think that artists and writers work in the same way. When an artist takes his brush, he often does not know how the result of his work will look. The artist starts working with the paint and the picture becomes the dictate of his heart.

- Despite the wonderful singing, your songs “Easter” and “Christmas” would seem unusual to the Russian audience. Russian producers may find them unpromising to market as religious songs are not generally popular to Russians. Yet you must have put your heart into these songs. What inspired you to sing these songs and what did you want to tell all people with your lyrics?

- I dedicated “Easter” to my Mom, who has passed away. Watching everybody rejoice on Easter, I felt deep loneliness. Then I wrote the song. On that day, I missed my mother so much. I wanted to talk to her and to hear her voice. That is how this song, a conversation with my Mom, appeared.

By the song “Christmas” I wanted to remind people that giving presents and doing good is not meant for Christmas only, but is meant to be done everyday. There is so much suffering around. If all of us lived days like on Christmas, life would be so much better.

- Do you believe in God?

- Yes.

- What instructions from your parents benefited your life the most?

- I think it was my Mom’s criticism. She was a good musician and expected the same from me. I helped her in her work on musicals, but she believed that I had to sing. “Sing, you have a beautiful voice,” she insisted. I refused as I could not supress fear of being on stage and performing solos. Then my mother prepared solo numbers for me to perform in her musical productions. And I began to sing.

- What was the first song that you wrote? When did that happen and what was it about?

- Oh, it is an old story. One of my friends asked me to write a couple of songs for him. When the songs were ready, he chose just one of them. The second song, “Double Kiss”, remained and I decided to sing it myself.  I was very young at that time and I was in love. Love inspired me deeply and I thought I was singing this song, “Double Kiss”, for this girl, alone: “Be my sky, be my sunshine.”

- How did your musical talent develop after the beginnings in piano and singing in musicals?

- I am lucky: life often brought me together with remarkable musicians, and in a sense, I owe them with what I do today. But I have no specific teacher. My music comes like a revelation to me. I write it, I play it, and sing it even though I cannot explain how it happens. It just happens and that is how it occurs for me.

With a friend, conductor James Oliver

- Music is a mysterious, unique form of art which does not leave people indifferent. History knows many talented singers. Whose singing impresses you?

- I agree that there are many talented musicians. Therefore, it is not easy to answer this question! However, Michael Jackson impresses me for sure. He was a great artist. Elton John and Sting have also influenced me.  I must actually say that in any musical perfomance, I hear something interesting, good, and useful to me. And I think it is normal.

- Did you meet Michael in person?

- Unfortunately, I did not. I only met his producer.

- You seem like a private person, yet you are surrounded by crowds. Who are your friends?

- Yes, there are many people whom I could call friends. They are different by age and status, but I am more attached to those friends who are much older than me.

- And what attracts you to people of a different generation?

- Likely, I am attracted to their wisdom and experience. When I was 8, my best friend was 18. I did not feel bored with him because according to my child notion, he knew much. Presently, my best friend is the same age as my parents.

 Cadaffy with his first fans

- Is your music career your single passion or do you think you would like to do something else?

- Professionally, I would like to only do music. I believe that music deserves my complete dedication.

The Princess of Aquitaine Karen Sue Cantrell presents her favourite singer's disc

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